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    成員:馬晨亮 二年級;徐立鮮 二年級;周新懿 二年級;隋龍 四年級。









      就像上面所說,能源在整個花園中互相轉化,充分提高了能源的吸收率,不浪費任何的能量來源,這也讓人們在不知不覺中爲自己周邊環境做出了貢獻。所以我叫它爲“Energy Garden”。



    Design elucidation:

     Doing the work, I think before what is the real concept design, what kind of conceptual
    design can have value,  inadvertently I thought of energy and environmental problems, how to just can let a person be in imperceptible in for environmental and energy contribute strength. Although we have always said we should protect the environment and save energy, but that it's hard to do, because the fast rhythm makes our life without too much time to care about these problems, then can have a kind of landscape design makes us videotapes, imperceptible increased energy sources, make use of energy in nature can make full use.

     Then I can think of a solar energy, wind energy. But this doesn't mobilize all disposable energy,  in a normal reading I also know that plants through the transformation of organisms to form our the electricity required. Abroad, have a kind of material can produce electricity in extrusion, here for extrusion can temporarily understanding. So the four energy is turned into the main source of energy, between them through transformation and highly effective absorption form we need electricity.

     The form of the garden, it can be seen with the traditional garden has three different. First, the traditional garden, besides plant on planar primarily outside, there are few structures space height changes. And here in the garden, high design changes rotation, this is to absorb people produce videotapes and gravity potential kinetic energy. The second, main content material is a translucent energy absorption material, this is for two, make the sun shining through,  let plants absorb, secondly is also a kind of wind energy absorption equipment of special. Third, gardens, forming barrier free levels space, this is as far as possible to wind can across the area, while the sun radiation on the ground, thus into electrical energy.

     As mentioned in the garden, energy, fully co-transformation improves energy absorption rate, don't waste any energy source, this also let people be in imperceptible in for their surrounding environment have made a contribution. So I called it a "Energy Garden".

     In fact the real concept is not how the future of how technology, just a good design can change our lifestyle, attitude towards life and way change people, it is my understanding of conceptual design.


    小組成員 年級 學校     學院科系         完成內容
    馬晨亮  大二    南京林業大學 藝術設計學院城市景觀設計 方案構思,部分設計建模,最終排版
    徐立群  大二    南京林業大學 藝術設計學院城市景觀設計 設計文案,設計圖整理
    周新懿  大二    南京林業大學 藝術設計學院城市景觀設計 設計方案英文翻譯
    隋龍   大四    南京林業大學 藝術設計學院城市景觀設計 設計草圖手繪,建模


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